Web Application Development

Since 1998 the team at Nexus6 have built an impressive reputation for creating and supporting successful web applications. Whether creating bespoke applications from scratch or extending existing technologies, we excel at delivering targeted, cost-effective solutions for companies of any size.

Do you have a website or intranet that needs to be more intelligent? Are you having scaling problems? Do you have a great idea for a website but are unsure about how to deliver the best outcome within budget? Out-of-the-box solutions not quite working? Talk to us.

Website applications are a clever and cost-effective way to connect with your staff, customers and suppliers.

Expertise Counts


Some of our larger projects include:

Talent2 Learning Management System (LMS)

Nexus6 is the development team behind Talent2's Learning Management System (LMS), which allows businesses to deliver online training. The LMS is a massively feature-rich piece of software that is used to train the workforces of some of the largest financial and telecommunication companies in Australia. The size of this system gives us invaluable experience in successfully managing large software projects that demand high availability.

A Large Email Service Provider (ESP)

We provide development services to one of the world's largest Email Service Providers (ESP) based in the United States. We are trusted to create technical specifications, develop new functionality and provide QA services for their core email marketing software, which sends on average 2.5 billion emails per month to opt-in subscribers.

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